Dow Jones FACTIVA is a premium online news database.  If you are looking for stories published in the Wall Street Journal, FACTIVA is your ‘go to’ tool.

Full access to FACTIVA is available by way of the J-School research database list; and like LexisNexis Academic, you are expected to use these databases to gather facts and data for your writing assignments.

In this session, we will familiarize ourselves with FACTIVA’s user friendly interface, learn easy to use search terms and connectors, and try our hands at a few searches.

FACTIVA’s Main Page opens with the search builder default screen and a large free-text search window.

You can now include Blogs and Message Boards in your searches by placing a check in the box on the right marked Include additional Blogs and Boards.

While the date option defaults to a 3 months window, the dropdown menu offers a variety of options to limit the number of results you view.  And the duplicates option lets you rid your results list of identical and similar stories.

Rarely will you ever use the all sources tab; the approach should always be with a view towards efficiency and expediency.

The source tab on the left allows you the option of selecting a specific publication, take advantage of prepared groups of sources, or create your own list.

My favorite source option is Top Sources – Major News and Business Sources:  US; good mix of major newspapers (incl. the Wall Street Journal), industry publications, business sources, magazines…

Other search fields – company, author, subject, industry – offer search flexibility; if you know the author of the piece you are seeking, then do an author search.  And if you are solely interested in news of Fresh Direct corporation, then use the company search field.

As you scroll down this main page, you will find that you can also create a basket of sources that are specific to a particular region of the U.S. and the world.  So if you are keen on only looking at the New York press, then select Regions – North America – United States – Northeast – New York State.

Key Terms and Connectors

The following terms and commands will help you to refine your searches and return targeted results

and           returns articles that only discuss addiction and treatment.

or              returns articles that use the terms: renewable energy or clean     energy or solar energy or solar power

atleastn     very useful whether doing complex searches or gathering features or profiles. You can specify a minimum number of times the search terms must appear in the text. Must be preceded by and, or, not in a complex search:  donald w/3 trump and atleast5 trump or atleast5 donald and wc>800

hlp=          create your search using your key term(s) in the headline and lead paragraph:  hlp=universal pre-k

by=          finds an article or report by the name of the author:  by=jeffrey sparshott

nearn     searches for terms within a number of words of each other: income near25 consumer spending 

*(asterisk)  replaces an infinite number of letters:  educat* will retrieve education, educator, educate, educating…

Stay on pace with current news by clicking on FACTIVA’s News tab in the toolbar. Find the full text of the recent month’s stories from major U.S. newspapers as well as Barron’s and Forbes.

Use the Companies/Markets tab in the tool bar when you are trying to get a quick but substantive profile or a company; search by name, or ticker symbol.  You can also search for stock quotes – daily and historical (2 years)

Left navigation bar lets you view results list by any number of options